Board Certification

For the upcoming Marital and Family Law Board Certification Exam:

  • Prepare and file your application between July 1 and August 31. Application will be available online after March 2nd.
  • To obtain the application, please visit:

Time frame for requirements:
5 years prior to the date of application.

  1. Be a member in good standing of The Florida Bar.
  2. Have at least 5 years of the actual practice of law.
  3. 50% of practice is in marital and family law.
  4. 25 contested marital and family law cases.
    1. 7 of the 25 cases must have trials as defined in accordance with the rules.
    2. 18 of the 25 cases must show substantial involvement in accordance with the rules.
  5. Submit names and addresses of 6 lawyers and 3 judicial officers as references.
  6. 75 certification credit hours of approved CLE.
  7. Pass a written examination.


Please be sure to see Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Rule 6-6 for the complete requirements of board certification in marital and family law. 

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Seeking Certification
If you wish to apply for certification, visit The Florida Bar Board Certification Application page.
Filing period opens July 1 and applications must be filed by August 31.

For more information, please contact Lindsey Blomberg at