Legislative Activity

Our Mission

The Legislation Committee of the Family Law Section’s primary mission is to further the best interest of Florida’s families through the active involvement in the legislative process and the creation or amendment of statutes that apply to marital and family law. This includes commenting and advising on proposed legislation and improving and/or clarifying existing law. The Committee monitors proposed legislation pertaining to or otherwise affecting marital and family law on behalf of the Section and lends its expertise to provide technical assistance and information to the Legislature to advance marital and family law.  Where necessary, the Committee will lobby on behalf of the Section in support of or in opposition to proposed legislation unless prohibited by the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar.

Legislative Committee Activity

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar regularly lends its expertise to policymakers, assisting in crafting and revising legislation, as well as actively monitoring and advocating for legislation that impacts Florida’s families through its 30-member Legislation Committee.


The Legislation Committee’s positions are predicated upon the Section’s standing positions and subject to the approval of the Section’s Executive Council and Executive Committee.  Members of the Legislation Committee regularly review and track filed bills; provide technical assistance to lawmakers and committee staff; and advise on the drafting of entirely new legislation. In order to play an active role in legislation, Section members often travel to Tallahassee to meet with legislators and their staff and provide testimony at committee hearings when bills are considered.  The Family Law Section has had an important presence in Florida politics for nearly 20 years and it exists to further the interests of Florida’s families.


Areas of Legislative Activity & Interest

The Family Law Section has been involved in creating the following statutes:

61.08 – Alimony
61.13 – Support of Children, Parenting and Timesharing
61.13001 – Parental Relocation
61.075 – Equitable Distribution
61.041 – Application of Foreign Law to Family Law Courts

The Family Law Section has created novel legislation in the following areas:

+  Nomenclature
+  Parentage
+  Support for Incapacitated Adults
+  Pensions