Melinda P. Gamot Award

Melinda P. Gamot Award

The Melinda Gamot Award was created by Elisha Roy, AAML Florida Chapter 2021-2022 President and Heather Apicella, Family Law Section 2021-2022 Chair to be jointly awarded by both organizations during the annual Marital and Family Law Review Course.  The Melinda P. Gamot Award is awarded to the recipient for the recipient’s inspiration and tireless support for the lawyers and leaders of the next generation, and for the recipient’s kindness and selfless dedication to all who surround the recipient.

Award Winners

David L. Manz
2023-24 Award Winner
Marathon, FL

Laura Davis Smith
2022-23 Award Winner
Coral Gables, FL

Melinda P. Gamot
2021-22 Award Winner
Palm Beach Gardens, FL