2017 Section Awards

Visionary Award

Douglas Greenbaum
For outstanding service and invaluable contributions to the practice of family law throughout the State of Florida.

Alberto Romero Making a Difference Award

Eddie Stephens
In recognition of dedication to making a difference for Florida’s children and families through tireless service to the disadvantaged and underserved members of our community.

Trail Blazer Award

Elisha D. Roy
In recognition of trailblazing contributions to advance gender equality within the Bar, your hard-earned, early rise to leadership within the Family Law Section, your desire to elevate the practice of law through Board Certification, your tireless voice for Florida’s families, and your championing legislation to benefit Florida’s children.

Honorable Raymond T. McNeal Professionalism Award

Jorge Cestero & Scott Rubin
To honor passionate service to the Executive Council of the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar, performed with exemplary professionalism and courtesy towards those with whom you served.

Unsung Hero Awards

Kathryn Beamer

Sheena Benjamin-Wise

Ron Bornstein

Anthony Genova

Carin Porras

Robin Scher

Eddie Stephens

Above & Beyond Awards

Amy Hamlin

Amy Hickman

Sarah Kay

Andrea Oyola-Reid

Bonnie Sockel-Stone

Eddie Stephens

Spotlight Awards

Michelle Klinger Smith

Rising Star Awards

Jamie Isicoff

Michelle Klinger Smith

K. Beth Luna

Matt Lundy