Rules & Forms Committee


Marck Joseph
Miami, FL
Temi Zeitenberg
Boca Raton, FL


Committee Description

The Family Law Section Rules & Forms Committee actively monitors and analyzes all rules and forms which may have an impact upon the practice of family law and, when appropriate, prepares comments and provides feedback on changes proposed by other committees and organizations. The Committee regularly collaborates with Florida Bar committees and other Family Law Section committees to craft new and update existing rules and forms to help meet the changing needs of family law litigants and practitioners.

Florida Family Law Rules & Forms Links

This website is maintained by The Florida Bar and posts PDFs of the most updated Florida Rules of Court Procedure.

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Florida Family Law Rules & Opinions

This website is maintained by the Florida Supreme Court and lists current and past Florida Supreme Court opinions which modify Family Law rules and forms.

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Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms

This website is part of the Florida Supreme Court Self-Help Center posting all Florida Supreme Court-Approved Family Law forms.

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