Judge Susan Maulucci
March 2011 Award Winner
Manatee County Judicial Center
Bradenton, FL

The recipient for the award for March, 2011, is General Magistrate Susan Maulucci.

Susan Maulucci has been admitted to practice law in Florida for almost 30 years. General Magistrate Maulucci received both her Bachelor of Arts degree and her Juris Doctoratedegree from the University of Florida, College of Law.

Ms. Maulucci began her career as a public servant as a prosecutor for the 12th Judicial Circuit in 1984.  Prior to returning to public service as a general magistrate, Ms. Maulucci represented clients in family, juvenile and guardianship cases in private practice in Sarasota for approximately 13 years.  She also became a certified family mediator and certified dependency mediator.  In 2004, Susan Maulucci once again returned to public service when she became a general magistrate in the 12th Judicial Circuit, assigned to the Family Division in Manatee County.

Magistrate Maulucci’s bar and professional activities include participation in the Florida Bar’s Legal Needs of Children Committee and the General Magistrate Committee.  She is also a member of Family Court Professional Collaborative and the Manatee Chapter of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers.

In her involvement with the Family Court Professional Collaborative, an organization for which she serves on the Board of Directors, she helped formulate and develop Next Step, a mentoring and assistance program for teens aging out of the foster care system.  The program offers invaluable assistance to foster teens starting out on their own, often times without the skills and assistance necessary to become independent and successful adults. Next Step includes not only a mentoring component, but a tutoring and networking component as well.   In addition to other items provided by the Kids-Aging-Out Network, a network of businesses and professionals willing to provide tangible assistance to youth leaving the foster program, Next Step has grown, and it now boasts a clothing shop of mostly new clothing donated from vendors and more than 35 volunteer tutors that include students from New College of Florida.

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar is pleased to congratulate Magistrate Maulucci, and it thanks her for her past and continued efforts on behalf of the children and families of Florida.