Natalie Baird
2011 Award Co-Winner
Natalie Baird Mediations, P.A.
Tampa, FL

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar is pleased to congratulate Ms. Baird, and it thanks her for her past and continued efforts on behalf of the children and families of Florida.

Natalie Baird attended Nova Southeastern University, receiving her Bachelor of Science in 2001 and her Juris Doctoratefrom the school in 2001. She and her husband own the Baird Law Group, a firm through which Ms. Baird focuses her practice on family law cases involving domestic violence.

Having been a victim of domestic violence, Ms. Baird has become an outspoken advocate for domestic violence victims and those families impacted by violence as well as an educator on domestic violence to both the legal community and the community at large. Since becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 2003, Natalie Baird has demonstrated her commitment to fighting domestic violence within our society. She has served on The Spring of Tampa Bay’s Board of Directors, and she has acted as Chair of its Board of Trustees. The Spring is an organization whose mission is “to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families, and communities.” It is also the only certified domestic violence shelter and emergency agency in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to her participation in The Spring, Ms. Baird, with both her husband and two other attorneys founded the organization, Are You Safe, whose mission is to provide legal and social services to domestic violence victims and to promote education and awareness of domestic violence. In her participation with these groups, Ms. Baird has logged over 250 hours of in court time helping domestic violence victims, in addition to the countless hours spent administering the organization and in lecturing or making appearances to discuss domestic violence. Finally, Ms. Baird received an Achievement Award from the Domestic Violence Task Force in 2010.