Kathryn M. Beamer
Kathryn M. Beamer, P.A.
North Palm Beach, FL

October 2013 Making A Difference Award Winner

Our latest recipient is Kathryn M. Beamer.  Congratulations Kathy, and thank you for your past and continued efforts on behalf of the children and families of Florida.

Kathy attended Duke University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology.  She graduated from the University of Florida, School of Law in 1978, although her first year of law school was at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since 1991, she has dedicated her practice to the area of marital and family law.  Kathy has been Board Certified in Marital and Family Law since 1994, and has served on the Family Law Certification Committee for 6 years, chairing the committee in 2009.

In addition to her active family law practice, Kathy has devoted the past 25 years to pro bono and volunteer service for The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County.  The Center provides individual and family counseling services regardless of ability to pay, as well as emergency family shelter services for the homeless in Palm Beach County.   Kathy has contributed countless hours to the Center’s legal matters, such as reviewing and responding to subpoenas, preparing therapists for deposition and trial testimony in family, delinquency and dependency matters, Motions and hearings for protective orders, and negotiating, reviewing and preparing various legal documents on behalf of the Center.  She has assisted the Center with employment matters, and monitored legal proceedings to report to the Center’s Board of Directors on the status of these cases.  She has also held in-house seminars to assist the Center’s therapists in understanding and navigating the legal system when the need arises.  Kathy has served on the Center’s Board of Directors for the past 25 years, and has served as the Board’s President for three separate terms.  She currently serves not only on the Center’s Board of Directors, but is also the current President of the Foundation for the Center and is actively involved in the Center’s endowment matters.

Not only has Kathy dedicated thousands of hours to the Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, she has also devoted a portion of her practice to the representation of indigent clients in Palm Beach County.   She received pro bono family service awards from the Palm Beach County Bar Association in 1993, 1996 and 2012.  Further, she received Special Commendations from the Florida Supreme Court in 2004 for her pro bono work.

Kathy is also actively involved in the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar.  She currently serves on the Executive Council and has served in leadership positions for several of the Section’s committees.

When Kathy is not engaged in other commitments, she enjoys ballroom dancing, a passion of hers for the past ten years.  She has competed internationally on several occasions, the most recent being March, 2012 in New Zealand.  Past competitions have taken Kathy to such extraordinary locations as Italy, Austria and Hungary.   International travel is one of Kathy’s yearnings, and she has also toured Spain, Greece and Australia.  She further serves on the Board of Directors for her homeowner’s association.