The Family Law Section of The Florida Bar publicly acknowledges, through the Alberto Romero Making a Difference Award, those individuals who have made a difference in the lives of the underserved or disadvantaged within our State.  The individuals who receive this award either provide outstanding pro bono services or engage in other types of outstanding volunteer community activities and pursuits that improve the lives of Florida’s children and families.

Sarah R. Sullivan
Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

2018 Award Winner

Sarah R. Sullivan is the recipient of this year’s Family Law Section of The Florida Bar Alberto Romero Making a Difference Award, “in recognition of dedication to making a difference for Florida’s children and families through your tireless service to the disadvantaged and underserved members of our community.” The award honors Sarah for her work as CEO/President of Jericho Road Legal Service Ministry, Inc., which provides access to justice through affordable legal help. With more than 20 years of legal experience, Sarah’s credentials include working for non-profits, private law firms and a Florida law school. Her experience working with some of the community’s most vulnerable populations as well as her teaching and scholarship led her to the realization that almost all lawyers chase after the highest-earning clients, leaving the vast majority of people without affordable legal services to access an overwhelmed judicial system. Three goals of Jericho Road include providing affordable legal services to those in need, transforming community through seeking justice, and transforming the practice of law by creating an innovative and self-sustaining model of legal service delivery.

Past Making a Difference Award Winners

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Manatee County Judicial Center
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Attorneys of Norman D. Levin, P.A.
December 2010 Award Winners
Norman D. Levin, P.A.
Longwood, FL
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November 2010 Award Winner
Lakeland, FL
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October 2010 Co-Winner
Valdespino & Associates, P.A.
Coconut Grove, FL